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Information by production region
Accounting for 65% of coffee production
Lintong. mandehling
Produced in Lake Toba in North Sumatra and Lintong Nihuta to the southwest of Lake Toba, this coffee is characterized by the tastes of dark chocolate and fruits as well as medium acidity and a balanced flavor.
Produced at the eastern end, it features strong acidity, sour flavors, palatability, and a subtle hint of herbs.
Toraja district, which is known for Toraja coffee
Coffee grown in the Kintamani highlands (At altitudes of 1,000–1,500 m)
Produced 200 mi from Bali, it features a sweet chocolate flavor.
Produced on the second largest island to the northwest of New Guinea, it has a spicy finish.
Panama Geisha
Panama Geisha(Boquete) MSDL1.800M