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Panama Geisha Coffee
Geisha features the aromas of fruit and lemongrass hidden in its subtle taste, mild and unique acidity, and balance, all of which are harmoniously mixed with the flavors of mango, papaya, citrus, and more. It also has black tea and lime aftertastes. Along with the aromas of syrup and citrus and a lime aftertaste, it provides the one-of-a-kind tastes of chocolate, vanilla, citrus, orange, and lime.
Product name
Panama Geisha Boquete
Mandehling Coffee Korea
Country of origin
Panama, Boquete, Horqueta
Cultivation altitude
Expiration date
36 months from the packaging date
Green bean processing methods
Natural drying, wet, and natural pulping processes
processing methods
Sun dried
A cool, well-ventilated place
Green beans: KRW 150,000 per kg
Roasted coffee: KRW 30,000 per 50g