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Company Global Mandehling
In 1985, he became fascinated with handmade coffee during his stay in Tokyo.
He could not do anything that has to do with coffee even while staying in Tokyo for more than 10 years. In 2001, he went on a business trip to Indonesia, where he came across Indonesian coffee. Absorbed in Sumatra Mandehling and kopi luwak, he began his coffee business.
Beginning in October 2013 with his visit to the International Coffee & Tea Expo, he explored the coffee plantations of different areas from Aceh located at the northern end of Sumatra through Lake Toba, Medan, and Lampung to Bandung, Bondowoso, and Surabaya. Through this exploration, he recognized the excellence of Indonesian coffee and ventured into coffee business.
Aiming to become a global small giant, we focus on communication with coffee-growing plantation and strict cultivation management to ensure the most delicious coffee.
Company name
Mandehling coffee korea / brand (Global Mandehling)
Date of Establishment
January 2013
Business Areas (Import/Export)
Panama (Geisha Boquete), Indonesia, Gayo, Mandehling, Longberry, Robusta (Wild Luwak), Rwanda, Java Arabica, Robusta, Coffee Roasting Machines (Capacity: 250 g, 500 g, and 1.5 kg), Coffee Equipment, Coffee Grinder, Automatic hand drip coffee maker
Main item

Indonesia Sumatra Mandehling Arabica
Gayo & Wild Luwak Coffee

JAWA Robusta Coffee
JAWA Arabica Green Coffee

Panama Geisha(Boquete)
Supply of coffee seeds

Coffee Roasting Machines and Coffee Equipment