Global Mandehling Korea

Our organic coffee of superior quality, grown at an elevation of 2,000 m in North Sumatra by directly contracting the local coffee farmers association, is being sold at the most competitive price.

Gourmet Coffee

Our top-notch premium coffee is cultivated in the volcanic area at an elevation of at least 1,500 m. It undergoes the semi-/full-washed processes to meet customer needs before being sun-dried, which thus enriches its aroma and a long-lasting, well-balanced finish.

Information by production region

Kinds of Indonesian Coffee (Import/Export)
  • Panama Geisha Boquete
  • Mandehling, Toraja
  • Lintong, Gayo
  • Java, Robusta (Sumatra, Java)
  • Papua Arabica


Sumatra Medan
  • Before collecting cherries in Aceh
  • Checking washing processes
  • Collecting kopi luwak